About Sabella



Know-how, Expertise

Thanks to its past experience through Project D03 and its know-how, SABELLA has a strong knowledge base on its turbine technology.

SABELLA draws upon this expertise to develop its technologies based on a three-fold motto:

"Simplicity – Robustness – Reliability" 

in order to:

  • Minimise technological sophistication and investment
  • Minimise maintenance and operating costs
  • Maximise lifetime and run time between maintenance cycles
  • Maximise electricity production and operator profitability.

This principle gives SABELLA a competitive edge and high economic performance, already internationally renowned. 


SABELLA’s fields of expertise can be summarised as follows:

•    Perfect knowledge of the physical subsea environment
•    Expertise in offshore operations (Oil & Gas), knowledge of naval means and methods
•    Skill base in construction, materials and production process engineering
•    Compliance with the environmental constraints of the marine environment
•    Relevant understanding of hydrodynamic behaviour and loads
•    Performance measurement and energy recovery
•    Analysis of lean economics
•    Integration of electricity production issues (electrical engineering: rotating machines; conversion electronics; network: transformation, protection, connection; operation: command control, storage)
•    Assessment of social acceptance and consultation
•    Innovation and optimisation capacity, constitution of intellectual property
•    Understanding of regulatory aspects and administrative authorisation processes
•    Certification process and life-cycle assessment
•    Economic and technology intelligence on international markets.


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