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Energy needs
Energy access
Across the globe, many households do not have access to electricity.
Islands and isolated grids
Remoteness, climate conditions and physical constraints exclude the possibility of grid interconnection.
Clean energy mix
The increasing scarcity and soaring costs of fossil fuels promote sustainable development and the diversification of energy production modes.
Electricity supply security
With the expansion of the interconnected network, local energy autonomy provides security for the electricity supply to end-of-grid regions.

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Ushant and Molène Islands

Some of the Ponant Islands, along France’s western coast, have an energy problem due to their insularity as they are not or cannot be connected to the intercontinental grid. This is the case for Ushant and Molène, which are equipped with generator sets to supply them with electricity.

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Canada’s Far North

Electricity production in Quebec is atypical as the vast majority relies on renewable sources, of which hydroelectricity accounts for 97%.
Furthermore, the population density of Quebec is characterised by its heterogeneity (mainly concentrated along the US border).


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Sabella D10 has generated more than 50 MWh from tides

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, Sabella D10 tidal turbine has achieved 50 MWh of electricity production.


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Haooy New Year 2016!

SABELLA wishes you all the best for 2016!


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Sabella D10, first tidal turbine to export electricity on French power grid

Onshore operations to connect Sabella D10 tidal turbine to the grid have been completed on November 5th, 2015.

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SABELLA: tomorrow part of an upcoming selective tidal "big four"...  

With perseverance and after two years of prospecting, SABELLA has finally completed a first round of funding, despite a seed capital market fairly sluggish, domestic investors skittish on maritime risk and particularly in MRE (Marine Renewable Energies), and major French industrial groups succumbing to the Anglo-Saxon sirens song and their valuation multiples, staying deaf to the prayers of support from French young innovative SMEs.

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One year trial campaign in Fromveur Passage between the islands of Ushant and Molène

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